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I am a latent artist - a beginner, now that the children have grown up and flown the nest. I have always known I would 'start' one day but that day has been a long time coming. Last Spring I had an immersion into the art world, a friend encouraged me to do a 3 month art course, learning all about the aspects of the different mediums acrylic, oil pastel and watercolour, I preferred acrylic but would have liked to have tried oils but they weren't on offer. This course was the catalyst for me, I was so immersed and energised by it I knew that painting would have to become part of my life now. My husband Geoff is also an artist on this platform and has an innate talent having painted all his life and being self taught. In my opinion he is very good, but a different style to me and i'm sure I will be receiving some constructive criticism from the other side of the studio from time to time.

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