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Jim Preece Katoomba, Australia




Born in Kidderminster Worcestershire England in 1946. Attended Stourbridge Art School from the age of 13, studying Glass design, lithography, pottery and painting. Later studying textile design then worked as a carpet designer in England, before winning a Royal Society of Arts Bursary in 1970, which allowed the study of Central American Art in Mexico City in the early part of 1971 and later the same year in Los Angeles before moving to Australia in the November. Jim worked as a carpet designer in Melbourne until 1976 when he moved to Sydney where he met his wife Diane - they have lived there ever since. "Generally I try to capture in my pictures the happier more positive things in life, whether it be a beautiful place, or a smiling face. There is enough angst and sadness in our world already and although artists need to depict all life's experiences,( I do sometimes) my personal goal is to reflect the happier side." Jim currently works in advertising and magazine publishing and paints in his spare time.

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