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Andrew Luscombe Devon, United Kingdom




These are the landscapes I’ve worked, lived and played in my whole life; the paintings you see here are informed by a good few decades of watching the changing light, changing seasons and experiencing the weather across the tops of Dartmoor and Devon, there's nothing quite like getting caught out in a Dartmoor squall winter or summer, or watching the fog drop down on to the hill tops or rise up from the valley floors, these are the moments when a brew is required and to settle in and watch the scene unfold! Whilst I have completed commissions for over 30 years I was also self employed in an much different line of work. However, a couple of years ago the opportunity presented itself to build my own studio and do my own thing, so I did and I am. My paintings show well known Dartmoor landmarks from different viewpoints and perhaps more often the out of the way places tucked in valleys and cleaves to the wide open moor tops, the places where the path is more difficult to see if there's a path at all or along the track that’s less travelled. I am currently a member of Dartmoor Search & Rescue Team, Ashburton.

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