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Brian J Mackay Greater Manchester, United Kingdom

Brian J



I'm a retired FE lecturer (61), having taught Marketing and Geography to Travel & Tourism students for twenty years or so, and I DO miss it a bit. My wife, Diane, is from Kendal, where she introduced me to the Lake District fells, tarns and lakes. They have been a source of inspiration for me (and thousands of other people) for my art and poetry, both of which are a constant source of irritation to Diane. *LOL* I have a liking, verging on a passion, for seascapes, of all varieties, whether they be calm or tempestuous, by day, night or twilight. There's just something about the sea that defies description or explanation. I studied art to A Level but didn't take it any further, even though I was sorely tempted to apply to art college. I never really stopped drawing, though.

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