Joanna Perry Murals

Joanna Perry Murals

As a trained and qualified Mural Artist / Painter, you will learn from my set of 3 DVD's the skills needed to be able to take your own creative style and ability and turn it into your own successful mural painting business. In this unique set of 3 Joanna Perry Mural advice DVD's, I guide you in detail, on all aspects of running a hand painted mural business. I cover a range of topics including - the day to day managing and marketing of your business, pricing and producing designs for clients, advice to help you develop your painting skills, as well as advice on all the correct equipment and tools needed. I also hand paint two wall murals throughout the DVD's guiding you on all the correct methods of producing a professionally finished mural. Since studying Art at University, and then setting up my own Professional mural business over 10 years ago, I have constantly been asked to give advice to other artists starting out, on how to go about setting up a mural business, and pricing work. So due to demand I have now filmed my own comprehensive guide of all the information you will probably ever need to set up in business as a mural artist. On these new DVD's I pass on all my knowledge and experiences, the do's and don'ts which I have learned and gained in the business of painting designs on to walls!



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