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Painting green

Charles Wilby

Posted on Sat 09 Jul 2011

Hi there my name is Charles { friends call me Chas } I am a self taught painter--- picking up bits and bobs from books and mags plus trial and error.----I have been painting for about 10 years the last 5 years in acrylic which I llove.
I try any other media as my gallery shows but still come back to acrylics

Painting green


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  • Daffodils are such cheerful flowers, don't you think. Yours look lovely. Here in Shrewsbury, Percy Thrower paid for thousands of daffodil bulbs to be planted on all the verges, islands, and any spare bits of grass around the town. As you can imagine, Shrewsbury is a riot of yellow in February and March - quite spectacular. Other people in the area have followed suit and planted daffodils all along the roadsides and on village greens. I had never seen so many daffodils until we came to live here. You had a very impressive patch in your garden. I hope they manage to poke their heads up through all this snow.

    Posted by Thea Cable on Thu 05 Feb 13:32:53
  • Thankyou Max and Betty I remember fields full of Daffs up in Aintree where I had to go for some surgical training...I missed my area which was way over Deeside in the Wirral and they so cheered me up as do yours they are beautiful...isn't it lovely that people are planting like that it's such a change from soccer which is all I read about when I logged on to the Wirral Gazzette it's as if nothing else in the world cricket that's different think the England team will get the ashes back this year...the Aussies have gone down the pan but then they stuck with a clique and didn't bring the young fellows in hope you like cricket after all that...well Max and Betty again thankyou again for the beautiful Daffs it's nearly 1.30 am so have to make a move towards bed hoping your keeping warm

    Posted by patsy king on Thu 05 Feb 16:18:10
  • my home town is near you..............was born in telford...........have since then moved several times and have ended up in very unskilled in drawing and painting them.......but i always have a fresh flowers in the house(even if they are from abroad) daffoils are so full of the joys of springs.........always fills you with a warm feeling when there in bloom.........take care.........ruthy

    Posted by Ruthy flet on Thu 05 Feb 19:20:44
  • Thank you Thea Patsy & Ruthy for replying & the comments on our Daffodils, we have them in abundance in the spring all around our bungalow (we have a large garden. About Percy Thrower Thea we have a couple of his books &his succint remarks on gardening which we always found helpful, The daffodil leaves are 6inches high already & withstood the snow we had this week. Glad you liked the daffodil picture Patsy, Betty has an arragement she did last year for the garden club of an easter bonnet with all types of daffs on it will post it on the blog. I used to play cricket in my youth (Max not Betty) & still follow it for my sins!!! It's about time England won but i am not too confident, my hero was Tom Graveney if you remember him, we went to the same school in Bristol, i helped him pull a heavy roller over the pitch on many occasion. We too love our flowers Ruthy & like you bring them indoors before the winds spoil them, living on the coast here in Devon we get a lot of high winds at times. Take care all of you. Betty & Max xxx

    Posted by max lennox on Thu 05 Feb 20:24:23