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Painting Course out-takes: Rodeo

Brian Smith

Posted on Sat 09 Mar 2019

I've been looking at this subject with all three of my art groups over the last couple of weeks. The images are out-takes - the short demo's done in class, enhanced a little after the class and Emailed to students for their record, as per my usual practise.
I chose Rodeo for several reasons, among them; to consolidate the observation techniques we'd looked at previously in "Argentine Tango", for the use of whites and intense colour to provide atmosphere, to look at shadow patterns and particularly their edges to describe form, to look at the constituents of action (brush choice / stroke work / lost edges / spatter etc) to develop the confidence NOT to differentiate between everything going on in the shadows and to think about the role of negative painting in defining boundaries and providing hints of context.
My demo's of each were designed to reinforce three issues; mixing intense washes (students often have an aversion to this); timing issues - particularly placing paint quickly enough to fuse adjacent edges, which helps the painting flow and describes movement ; spotting and preserving key clues to what is going on, rather than riding rough-shod over them (no pun intended)

Painting Course out-takes: Rodeo


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