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Painting Course out-takes: Boats and Harbours

Brian Smith

Posted on Tue 12 Mar 2019

These are a few examples of some of the techniques and effects I've looked at on my courses, to represent water-related subjects. They are the demonstration component in classes, with notes often added afterwards to describe the points I've made verbally. Short demo's are an integral part of classes because seeing marks being made - the intensity of mixtures, the timing of placement, the brush-stroke work, mixing in the palette and in the painting, all these issues and many more have to be seen in action if they are to be learned.
In this case they include hake, round, one stroke and rigger brushes and employ many of the usual suspects: complimentary and harmonious colours for mood; distinction between underpainting and overpainting; the counterpoints of high v low contrast/ lost v found edges/ limited versus open palettes/ wet-in-wet versus wet-on dry, and so on.

Painting Course out-takes: Boats and Harbours


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