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New beginnings

mae hitchen

Posted on Wed 09 Jan 2019

I finished college in the Summer and have been gathering enough courage/resilience/etc to start my own art venture.
It’s in the stages of infancy, but I have been spurred on by a slightly overwhelming number of commissions on the run up to Christmas. I am also in the fortunate position of having enough work in the ‘pipeline’ to see me through the bleak days of January.
As I am new to this I welcome all advice/guidance and recommendations and bow to those with greater experience, whilst absorbing any words of wisdom anyone is kind enough to share.
The image attached encompasses my feelings at the moment - somewhat bemused but trying to style it out in the hope that nobody notices 😂

New beginnings


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  • Well done you being able to work through winter. I find this really hard, the light never seems right and the dark nights put pay to it for me, I work full time so its dark when i get home, roll on summer.
    Your work is good so keep it up , i will watch out for your next project

    Posted by Ann Hunt on Thu 10 Jan 22:41:00
  • I am enjoying seeing your work in the gallery Mae, I hope the commissions keep rolling in.

    Posted by Margaret Beynon on Fri 11 Jan 16:50:14