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My inspiration

Michelle Campbell

Posted on Mon 12 Mar 2018

My inspiration comes from my beautiful surroundings, my dogs, animals, my walks in the hills and the seasons. I am surrounded by beauty, wilderness, fauna and wildlife.

I take every opportunity to walk in the hills, with my dogs, not only does it make me feel good, I like to be with nature, it inspires me and my work.

Not all of my inspiration comes from the countryside, it can be anything from a magazine article, a photo from the internet, the birds I have in the garden, books, anything, absolutely anything can inspire me. As an artist I am quite observant with everything around me, I look at colours, the way the light changes on a branch or a leaf, colours change depending on what time of day and year it is.

I love the changing of seasons, Spring and Summer are my favourite time of year. Spring, when the birds start to sing out loud and there’s joy in the air, the ground starts to emmerse with green and flower growth and the air becomes slightly warmer. Summer is a fun time of year, the air is warm and everything is in full bloom, the light has changed and days are longer which allows for more painting and longer walks.

I find inspiration from the work of many artists which include: Picasso, Matisse, Marjolein Bastin, Arthur Rackham, John Gould, John James Audubon, Arthur B. Singer, Charles Tunnicliffe, Edith Holden, Thomas Bewick, the list is endless as there are so many wonderful artists. I also have a large selection of books, which I use for reference, too, including my favourite Collins book of garden birds.

My inspiration


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