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Gummed sides...

Anne Murphy

Posted on Sat 14 Oct 2017

I have been given some watercolour paper, gummed on all 4 beginning to see why I was given it! How on earth do you separate each piece. Have tried with sharp knife...hopeless! Have painted the top sheet on the bloc, hoping this was the secret to moving it.. help would be appreciated. Suspect I’m being a bit dim...


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  • Normally Anne, you will find a small slit along the top or bottom of the pad - look carefully, it is there. And then when you have found it, insert the tip of a sharp knife in this slit and carefully run it along all edges.

    Posted by Adele Elgood on Sun 15 Oct 10:12:47
  • Thank you Adele....had a good look, couldn’t see it. I’m guessing it is a faulty item, hey ho!!!!

    Posted by Anne Murphy on Sun 15 Oct 22:44:28
  • This does sound like a reject pad. What you could try (more drastic) is getting a Stanley knife with a a new blade and carefully cutting an inch off one side of the pad, right the way through. If this shows you the edges of the individual sheets of paper you may have to cut the other edges as well to at least be able to use the middle of the sheets. Be careful !!

    Posted by Annie Davenport on Mon 16 Oct 12:45:41