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Draw Some Money

John Inkson

Posted on Fri 20 May 2016

One time I was asked to set up my easel and paint outside an Art Gallery and Craft Centre. The shop was located at a partly open air shopping market. I recall doing an oil portrait of a horses head, which attracted onlookers. Soon after I thought we can go one better than this. I set up my easel outside the shop the following week advertising profile drawn portraits on the spot. It worked very well. 15 minutes done on an A4 sheet of cartridge paper. I also supplied a mount at a little extra cost. Mostly the customer were young teenage girls, well nearly all. However one day a grandmother came to me with her granddaughter. I would say she was about 10. The grandmother stood right over my shoulder and the girl did not keep very still, kept turning her head towards us. Anyway made a start and the grandmother was instructing me, “the nose is wrong and the lips not quite right.” So to please her I gave it another try. The real problem was, and it was unusual the girls profile looked very much more mature than a 10 year old, and much more like a boy. After a few more instructions from the grandmother I said to her. Let me finish this or I will have to stop. She kept quiet. The drawing could not have been bad as she quietly payed and went her way.
Another time I was just finishing up and packing away when this young man came along with a young baby about 18 moths old and asked me would I oblige. Right I thought I will give it a go. Drawing the babies face full on and what a job as you can imaging with the baby moving all over the place. I remember I got the whole head shape right first then the all important eyes. Finishing the young man was very pleased with the drawing. I was even more pleased that I had managed to do it and get the likeness.
The idea of me doing art out side the front of the shop was to attract customer. Which it did but it produced little in the way of sales so I only did one season. I later did A3 size mother and daughter profiles. Not many just a few. Please see the sample of profiles in my Drawing Gallery.
Until the next episode imagine you are watching the end credits and listening to our theme music. Matt Monro. Portrait of My Love.

There could never be a portrait of my love
for nobody could paint a dream!
You will never see a portrait of my love
for miracles are never seen!
Anyone who sees her,
soon forgets the Mona Lisa!
It would take I know, a Michael Angelo,
and he would need the glow of dawn
that paints the sky above
to try an' paint a portrait of my love!

. . . yes, he would need the glow of dawn
that paints the sky above
to try an' paint a portrait of my love!

Portrait Done! lol.

Draw Some Money


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  • I reckon the grandmother wanted a studio portrait of her granddaughter at a quick sketch price. You showed remarkable restraint John.

    Posted by Adele Elgood on Wed 25 May 10:43:08