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Derwent Artbar
Derwent Artbar

Winning Paintings in the Last E-newsletter Painting Challenge

Dawn Farley
Posted on 15 Jul 2012

Not so many entries to the latest e-newsletter painting challenge; possibly due to all of the other painting competitions available to enter just recently. The artists who did enter made a splendid job of using a limited palette for their entries - not an easy challenge to take up!

The winning entries

Sepia Boats by Barbara Potter

Volkswagon Campervan I by Graham Bellhouse

Barbara and Graham each win a set of Derwent Artbars and accessories worth more than £100 each

Take a look at the other entries for the limited palette painting competition - well done to everyone who took on this difficult challenge!

April Showers by Diana Hudson

Spring Blooms by Christine Towell

Moonlit Seascape by Elaine Freezer

City Street by Karen Preston

Flowers by Deborah Warner

Cosy Cat by Diana Hudson

Volkswagon Campervan II by Graham Bellhouse

Cockrel by Christine Towell

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4 comments so far...


Mick Saunders

22 Jul 2012 14:11

There are only a limited amount of people that want to try and win that prize, I wouldn't give you tuppence for it.. The amount of entrents will diminish as they have tried to win it, have failed, and became bored.. A better way to attract more entrents, if that is what you wish to do, is to have a varied prize system, giving a different prize each month. best Mick


Mick Saunders

22 Jul 2012 14:14

Sorry, forgot to add, I haven't seen the prize system, so there may be a varied one already. But as I see this article, it seems that the Artbars are the prize. Best Mick


angela cox

26 Jul 2012 07:40

The above ill thought out, badly spelled comments are the reason why, until now, I have never got involved with blogs etc. and the reason why I will not bother again!


Mick Saunders

28 Jul 2012 11:05

Angela, you have no idea whether I thought this out, or to what extent, itt's only a forum post, done on the spur of the moment. I have much better things to do with my time to labour over a forum post. I have never suggested to anyone that I am a great at spelling, when I am writing important stuff I always use a dictionary. for forum posts, I never bother to have a dictionary on hand to check my spelling. Perhaps you would be better served to keep on the subject rather than playing the English teacher,and trying to score points off of me, this site is not a, correct your English site. To make it easier for you to understand, each month, PoL, would be better served by offering different prizes, they may already do so, but I haven't seen that. the prize offered will only attract th people who want to try and win it, as will any prize. However, each month the entreants for that one prize will reduce as some people will tire of not winning.

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