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Jubilee Tree Party by Kirstie
Jubilee Tree Party by Kirstie

Top Tens June 2012

Dawn Farley
Posted on 01 Jul 2012

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The most looked gallery images were:


The Jubilee Tree Party by Kirstie


A Previous WaterGilly by Gillian Marklew-Allen


A Cypriot Villa by Michael Edwards


Shropshire Furrows by Stephen Michael Law


Eyton Races by Thea Cable


Jam and Cream by Fram McGarry


Sketch of the Day by Alan Owen


Another Sketch of the Day by Alan Owen


A Very Loose Sketch by Fiona Phipps


Alan's Exercise of the Day by Fiona Phipps

The most read forum threads were:

1. Which subject, for you, would most sum up Britain? (poll)
2. Painting smoke effects
3. Drawing
4. Music whilst you work
5. London Art College
6. Masking tape or parcel tape?
7. Amateur or professional?
8. Herring metal box easel for sale
9. Tools to apply masking fluid with
10. Artograph projectors

The most watched videos were:

1. Painting a Waterfall part I with David Bellamy
2. Painting a waterfall part II by David Bellamy
3. Brush Strokes iPad art with Jonathan Lawlor
4. Improve your Acrylic painting with Terry harrison
5. Loose watercolours with Andrew Geeson
6. Jean Haines Watercolour Passion
7. Seven Steps to Painting Brad Pitt by Marion Dutton
8. Girl Dreaming with Stripes by Gilly Marklew
9. Rural France in Watercolour by Joseph Zbukvic
10. Charles Evans A Brush with Britain

The most read blogs were:

1. POL gallery artists on the next e-newsletter by Painters-Online team
2. Que sera sera by My Time
3. Money and Media by New Start
4. It's amazing how a muck up can lead to a second work working out better by Art Demonstration
5. How does one write an artists' CV by New Girl on the Blog
6. Biennale getting close by Aviesart and Efforts
7. Plein air arts market by Life Can be Wonderful
8. Diamond Jubilee by Rose's Blog
9. Picture in Patchings by Working Practice
10. When you end up with 'wavy' uneven paiting by Introduction

The most popular features were:


How to be brave with watercolours by Jean Haines

Drybrush and glazing techniques with Liz Seward

How to paint people and figures in townscapes with Jake Winkle

How to draw a cat by Susie Hodge

How to choose the right equipment and improve your drawing skills with Mark Beaven

Learn easy ways to corrent mistakes in watercolour with Rosemary Hale

Introduction to watercolour painting part I

How to paint a picture that tells a story with Fiona Peart

How to paint a rustic doorway with Terry harrison

Make the most of painting at National Trust properties with Tony Underhill

The best-selling art books, DVDs and materials in our bookshop were:


Jean Haines' Atmospheric watercolours

Light & Movement in Watercolour

Basic Drawing: How to Draw What You See

Secrets of Watercolour

Oil Painting Step-by-Step

600 Watercolour Mixes

Secrets of Drawing Start to Finish

Pro Arte Polar All Purpse Brushes

Painting in Acrylic Workshop: DVD Series

Three Stages for Successful Pastel Painting

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