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Learn to paint and draw with Leisure Painter - the number one learn-to-paint magazine, teaching beginners and amateur painters for over 45 years.

Practical painting and drawing features from top art tutors offering step-by-step tuition and easy-to-follow advice on how to draw and paint.
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Celebrate Leisure Painter's 50th Anniversary in 2017!

For you to try this month:


  • Use a limited palette to paint snowdrops with Julie King
  • Learn to paint fluently with Jem Bowden's step-by-step landscape demonstration
  • Tim Fisher completes his three-part response to a reader's question on painting foliage
  • Paint the wildfowl and reedbeds of Suffolk with Richard Nichols


  • Learn to capture light and atmosphere in winter paintings with Christine Pybus
  • Paint 60-minute studies with Colin Joyce


  • Ideas for drawing in water-soluble media with Anne Kerr
  • Dave White shows how to achieve realistic skies in acrylics
  • How to produce and transform a rough sketch and a photograph into a finished painting with Wendy Jelbert
  • Elena Parashko discusses how photographs can be used to support your artistic practice
  • How to use the warm dark browns in your palette with Tony Paul
  • Lisa Hooper shows how to produce linoocuts of wildlife subjects at home


  • Produce a painting in 60-minutes for this month's anniversary painting competition
  • Reader's letters
  • Things to do this month
  • Reviews of practical art books
  • Art club news, profiles and exhibition listings
  • Exhibitions from around the UK
  • Paintings from the PaintersOnline gallery

All this and more in the March of Leisure Painter - out on January 27.