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Paul Talbot-Greaves' Critique of his September Painting Challenge

Posted on Tue 09 Jan 2018

In the September, 2017 issue of The Artist, Paul Talbot-Greaves set readers the challenge of achieving depth when painting from a photograph.

Of the reader versions sent in, Paul selected the work of Nigel Eaton-Gray (see below) for critique saying: 'You achieved a lovely atmosphere here Nigel and really well done with the blurry distance. I’m not sure the left hand tree is necessary, but if it is there for balance, make it simple and un-detailed. This will help to put more focus on the right hand section. Also, really strive to mix your greens on the painting surface. If you use a tube green, add other relative colours on the paper such as yellow ochre, cerulean blue, burnt sienna, cobalt blue.'

Of the challenge Nigel said: 'This is watercolour on Langton 140 lb, 14” x 10” - painted by an octogenarian trying to remember what we used to do with poster paints at Junior school.'

You can see all of the reader versions of Paul's challenges in the PaintersOnline gallery by clicking here

Paul Talbot-Greaves' Critique of his September Painting Challenge