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Up, up and away

Up, up and away


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  • I just love this Sarah!!

    Posted by Louise Naimian on Tue 23 Jul 20:55:23
  • An imaginative picture. It's lovely!

    Posted by Helen Evans on Wed 24 Jul 07:00:07
  • What a gorgeous painting! The colours are lovely and the textural appearance you have achieved in watercolour is impressive!

    Posted by Christine Davies on Wed 24 Jul 07:05:45
  • Lovely painting.

    Posted by Lesley Dabson on Wed 24 Jul 08:31:24
  • This is wonderful. Different and it works really well.

    Posted by Dawn Broughton on Wed 24 Jul 10:01:27
  • I like it! They may not be the gardener's friend, but when in flower our old tortoise became quite animated in her pursuit of them (I say pursuit ... most growing things moved rather faster than she did). Like the point of view of this painting - well captured.

    Posted by Robert Jones, N.A.P.A. on Wed 24 Jul 10:39:32
  • a really like this painting, they look lovely in the wind.

    Posted by karyl Quigley on Thu 25 Jul 08:54:38
  • Louise, Helen, Christine, Lesley, Dawn, Robert and Karyl Thank you so very much for your comments. This was a painting I did as a bit of fun instead of one that I worry over....Conclusion is just paint for yourself and nobody else :)

    Posted by Sarah Bottjer on Thu 25 Jul 15:12:50
  • This is almost an abstract, with the filmy seed heads weaving a lovely pattern against the sky. Great work, Sarah.

    Posted by Thea Cable on Mon 05 Aug 16:57:05
  • Thank you Thea, glad you like it :)

    Posted by Sarah Bottjer on Mon 05 Aug 18:57:57