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The essence of France !

The essence of France !


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  • Oh well done. I can feel the crackly, papery feel of the skin, and your colours are spot on. Good afternoon's work, it's beautifully done. Makes me want to reach for my paints but I can't use watercolour anywhere near as well as you do.

    Posted by Ruth Dolan on Fri 14 Aug 08:58:20
  • I like this - can almost smell the garlic - beautifully painted.

    Posted by Julia Benning on Sat 07 Nov 11:35:19
  • lovely. Jx

    Posted by Jean Lacey on Thu 21 Jan 12:34:03
  • Many thanks Ruth, Julia and Jean.

    Posted by Avril Soldani on Sat 23 Jan 17:52:23
  • Your landscapes are good, but is the close-ups like this bulb of garlic and your door knobs and bolts that are really interesting.

    Posted by Beverley Johnson on Tue 12 Oct 20:39:58
  • d'un simple sujet l'on peut faire une tres belle peinture, au fait Avril do you live in France ?

    Posted by Alain Chevrignac on Sat 15 Jan 21:21:36
  • Contente que tu apprecies ma gallerie! Oui j'habite à 30mins de Paris (mais je suis anglaise).

    Posted by Avril Soldani on Sat 15 Jan 21:51:57
  • Avril, bonjour et bon dimanche, je ne sais si tu penses comme moi, j'ai l'impression qu'en France en ce qui concerne l'aquarelle la tendance est plutôt au mouillé mouillé, non ? tu peux répondre en anglais, je sais en lire pas mal j'en profite pour souhaiter tous les membres de cer site tres sympa une tres bonne année 2011

    Posted by Alain Chevrignac on Sun 16 Jan 11:24:43
  • I paint sometime mushrooms

    Posted by Alain Chevrignac on Mon 17 Jan 21:58:58