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Untold Stories

Untold Stories


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  • Paula you have just extended the life of my father. I just turned the house upside down for his hat and can't find it anywhere. It's superbly painted as usual but the story is brilliant.

    Posted by Diana Hudson on Fri 25 May 23:22:21
  • Thank you Diana, these items belonged to my partner's father. I found them in a cupboard and at first thought that they would just make interesting subjects to paint, but the more I handled them the more I thought about all the reasons he had treasured them. It felt right to put them together for a painting.

    Posted by Paula Oakley on Sat 26 May 05:28:50
  • Interesting subject with a story to tell and you have certainly done that. It is beautifully painted. Great work Paula.

    Posted by Glennis Weston on Sat 26 May 08:01:34
  • Stunning painting, great composition and beautifully painted Paula

    Posted by Petra Palmeri on Sat 26 May 23:07:48
  • I really like the quality of your work - the confident colours and the amount of detail which never comes over as being too fussy. Super still life and beautifully painted.

    Posted by Thea Cable on Sun 27 May 10:12:55
  • A great painting Paula! Good composition with super colours and a moving story.

    Posted by Satu Vartiainen on Sun 27 May 10:25:50
  • Thank you everyone for your lovely comments, they are very much appreciated :)

    Posted by Paula Oakley on Sun 27 May 17:07:58
  • There is so much going on in the is just wonderful. You are certainly brilliant when it come to fact brilliant best describes your work!!

    Posted by Stephen Michael Law on Mon 28 May 10:36:19
  • Full of interest and narrative, beautifully painted.

    Posted by Lesley Dabson on Wed 30 May 20:46:14
  • Lovely powerful work Paula and you are right there are so many untold stories in these items and many of those would be tragic and many joyful, it is certainly all in there

    Posted by Ros Patterson on Fri 08 Mar 15:35:15