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Muker North Yorshire

Muker North Yorshire


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  • A smashing drawing. Wonderful to look at. Excellent.

    Posted by Jeannette Harrison on Wed 09 Apr 09:58:27
  • Great drawing

    Posted by Carole Russell on Wed 09 Apr 10:51:37
  • VERY well drawn. Lovely picture.

    Posted by Margaret McDougall on Wed 09 Apr 11:06:26
  • Well done, this is really great

    Posted by Lorraine Paris on Wed 09 Apr 19:41:45
  • Hi Malcolm, Still totally in awe of your work. Your drawing skills and sense of composition seem to be the basis for your stunning artwork. Have always been able to produce this naturally ( fairy dust and all that!), did you practise a lot or did a guru teach you? Thanks again for showing them to us.

    Posted by Colleen Barton on Wed 08 Oct 20:29:42
  • Impressive drawing . My birthplace is Yorkshire (widely travelled too) but have not heard of Muker. Now live on beautiful Isle of White. Thank you

    Posted by Diane Uttley on Wed 28 Apr 18:27:35
  • Super detailed drawing, anyone who looks at this cannot help but like it!!!

    Posted by Michael Porter on Mon 08 Jun 20:27:00
  • Terrific drawing, Malcolm. Love the trees in particular.

    Posted by jennifer Alsop on Fri 19 Jun 16:17:14
  • Wow great drawing

    Posted by Ruthy flet on Tue 01 Sep 11:38:50
  • Great drawing. I know muker.

    Posted by Richard Quirk on Thu 24 Dec 22:54:23