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Diogenes 2 W.I.P. (detail)

Diogenes 2 W.I.P. (detail)


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  • Fantastic hair Skylar it will be great. Good news for you.

    Posted by Carole Swingler on Thu 18 Jan 07:54:41
  • Fabulous work Skylar.

    Posted by Michael McManus on Thu 18 Jan 08:29:35
  • Thank you, Carole!

    Posted by Skylar Brown on Thu 18 Jan 14:20:09
  • Michael - Thanks!

    Posted by Skylar Brown on Thu 18 Jan 14:20:40
  • Aren't you the lucky one Skylar! This is looking really great!

    Posted by Margaret Beynon on Thu 18 Jan 15:29:56
  • Thank you Margaret! I am working on it right now. Should be finished in a few more days.

    Posted by Skylar Brown on Thu 18 Jan 17:27:06
  • Wow! Lucky you Skylar, this is fab! I rather like it left at this stage as I can appreciate how much effort you have to put into digital images. I have tried but I wish that I had more patience to do it.

    Posted by Sarah Bottjer on Sat 20 Jan 17:34:08