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Home on the Weald

Home on the Weald


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  • Like this Paula. Very much reminds me of an artist named Barnstorm.

    Posted by John Inkson on Wed 29 Mar 18:54:24
  • Just perfect, Paula!

    Posted by Jennifer Brown on Wed 29 Mar 18:55:27
  • A beautiful painting Paula, with lovely detail

    Posted by David Johns on Wed 29 Mar 19:19:01
  • lovely painting, very detailed with a lot going on. Makes a super picture.

    Posted by Willie Drea on Wed 29 Mar 19:44:28
  • Fresh and nice, Paula

    Posted by Holger Minke on Wed 29 Mar 21:45:06
  • Just beautiful!

    Posted by Helen Melia on Wed 29 Mar 22:25:06
  • Interested in you saying you are a contemporary realist painter, i would have said by looking at this that you are an impressionist & that's not a critiscism as I have clicked on like

    Posted by Karen D on Thu 30 Mar 11:30:20
  • Thank you for the lovely comments!
    John Inkson... Hi John , I tried to track down the artist Barnstorm but couldn't find anything, it would have been interesting to see his work.
    Karen D .....Hi Karen, this painting probably is more impressionist than some of my other works. It's hard to put a "title" on some of them at times, different subjects call for different styles :)

    Posted by Paula Oakley on Thu 30 Mar 12:09:15
  • Very, very skillful work - and while it's 'realist', it's not slavishly, dully photographic.

    Posted by Robert Jones, N.A.P.A. on Fri 31 Mar 19:12:08
  • Lovely. So much detail and variety in the trees without it being cluttered or fussy

    Posted by Diana Boanas on Sun 02 Apr 08:27:06