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Hotel Street, Leicester

Hotel Street, Leicester


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  • Wonderful work Frank, don't know how you do it? know the street very well, Well done.

    Posted by Derek Everitt on Wed 23 Nov 16:31:20
  • This is lovely. Excellent drawing skills Frank!

    Posted by Linda Wilson on Wed 23 Nov 16:46:59
  • Really well drawn Frank - reminds me I've got to Rackhams in the near future.

    Posted by Michael Edwards. on Wed 23 Nov 17:22:08
  • Is or was Frank? If it's is, lucky to be not demolished and revamped. Lovely drawing work.

    Posted by Derek Snowdon on Wed 23 Nov 18:11:15
  • Lovely pen work Frank and a lovely drawing

    Posted by David Johns on Wed 23 Nov 19:52:45
  • Very nicely drawn.

    Posted by SYLVIA EVANS on Thu 24 Nov 09:05:41
  • liked the figures and how they have an individual look about them....

    Posted by Stephen on Sat 26 Nov 15:53:00