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Calm Waters

Calm Waters


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  • Beautiful and new, Sandra.

    Posted by Cesare Romano on Tue 23 Aug 19:19:45
  • Beautiful

    Posted by dennis rounding on Tue 23 Aug 19:53:17
  • Wonderful

    Posted by Timothy Holmes on Tue 23 Aug 23:00:59
  • Lovely atmospheric composition Sandra.

    Posted by Henry Martin on Wed 24 Aug 05:58:53
  • Nice painting Sandra , lovely atmosphere

    Posted by dennis roberts on Wed 24 Aug 07:55:21
  • Awesome

    Posted by Jenny Meadows on Wed 24 Aug 07:59:43
  • I like the idea behind this scene but think that it's 'bottom heavy'. Colours of sky and water make good atmosphere but I would have dropped the horizon lower to a third of the height and reduced the dark area.

    Posted by Roger Knapik on Wed 24 Aug 14:04:12
  • Favourite spot of ours, but never there at this time of day. Lovely piece Sandra

    Posted by Derek Snowdon on Thu 25 Aug 11:42:06
  • Brilliant light and limited palette

    Posted by Helen Jones on Thu 25 Aug 23:07:37
  • I love the subtle colours and the way the light is depicted. Lovely!

    Posted by Jackie Poulouktsi on Wed 28 Sep 19:25:50