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Still Life #12 alla prima

Still Life #12 alla prima


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  • Super stuff Frank

    Posted by Michael Edwards. on Thu 24 Mar 17:17:33
  • Beautiful Frank, I like the colours and the brush strokes.

    Posted by Cesare Romano on Thu 24 Mar 17:19:03
  • Fine piece Frank

    Posted by dennis rounding on Thu 24 Mar 17:32:50
  • Wow Frank, this is a super still life, lively and fresh....great brush strokes.

    Posted by Fiona Phipps on Thu 24 Mar 17:41:00
  • Very eye-catching - I'm impressed that you were able to do such a good painting in just 2 hours!

    Posted by Jan Rossington on Thu 24 Mar 17:43:55
  • lovely work Frank excellent composition fresh as you describe delightful colour contrasts
    David Harrison

    Posted by David Harrison on Thu 24 Mar 18:52:12
  • Real nice work Frank, real good colour usage.

    Posted by andre mulard on Thu 24 Mar 18:59:38
  • Great colours! I also like the brushstrokes.

    Posted by Gudrun Ståhl Sharpley on Thu 24 Mar 19:32:08
  • Thank you all for your comments - I've used a 1" flat brush for almost everything in this painting, laying the colour on then leaving it. As soon as you start to push the paint around it starts to get muddy - this I have really learned. You can see where I've succumbed to this in places, taking away the freshness of the work.

    Posted by Frank Bingley on Thu 24 Mar 20:49:23
  • I've never thought of painting still life, it's just as well because I could never match this, beautiful.

    Posted by Jimmy Davison on Thu 24 Mar 21:18:06