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Sisterly advice

Sisterly advice


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  • Tremendous painting Haidee and such a lovely subject. Loved your final stages in this month's 'Artist', I found it very interesting and helpful.

    Posted by Alan Bickley on Thu 20 Aug 21:42:15
  • I like your style Haidee-Jo

    Posted by Helen Jones on Thu 20 Aug 21:59:51
  • I like the subtle use of colour in the flesh tones Haidee and a most pleasing picture .

    Posted by dennis roberts on Thu 20 Aug 22:07:19
  • Thank you Alan, so glad you liked the article :-)

    Posted by Haidee-Jo Summers ROI ARSMA on Thu 20 Aug 23:30:06
  • Thank you very much Dennis and Helen :-)

    Posted by Haidee-Jo Summers ROI ARSMA on Thu 20 Aug 23:31:19
  • This is so beautiful, love it Haidee.

    Posted by Carole Swingler on Fri 21 Aug 07:57:51
  • Agree with all and the article was great truly stunning Haidee

    Posted by dennis rounding on Fri 21 Aug 08:13:56
  • Lovely flicks of light on the two girls, soft focus effect all around - very appealing

    Posted by Pat Thompson on Fri 21 Aug 13:44:32
  • Fabulous! Pure summer.

    Posted by Timothy Holmes on Mon 14 Sep 22:49:37
  • Thank you for your comments Carole, Dennis, Pat and Timothy :-)

    Posted by Haidee-Jo Summers ROI ARSMA on Tue 15 Sep 10:13:56