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Sea Spray and Sun Cream

Sea Spray and Sun Cream


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  • Fun! It is also an excellent painting.

    Posted by Gudrun Ståhl Sharpley on Mon 08 Sep 17:42:48
  • Superb painting Paula. Your Paintings of Sussex portfolio has fantastic images. Very original

    Posted by Pat Thompson on Mon 08 Sep 21:24:45
  • This is a super painting Paula, fun composition and so well executed. Especially like your rendering of the sea, waves and shoreline, and of the light/shadows on the girl's bodies ; you have captured the English summer light so well.

    Posted by Sharon Van Der Veen on Tue 09 Sep 09:08:16
  • It's full of fun Paula! I like how you have painted the beach but all of it is excellent!

    Posted by Sarah Bottjer on Tue 09 Sep 15:55:15
  • Thank you all. I just loved the way that they seemed to suddenly stop, flop and sunbathe. As if the sun had overpowered them! :)

    Posted by Paula Oakley on Wed 17 Sep 20:27:12
  • Amazing!!

    Posted by Steve Pannell on Tue 10 Nov 13:56:01
  • Wonderful!

    Posted by jennifer Alsop on Wed 31 May 23:39:25
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