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  • Another super Acrylic Paula, this time a still life and great title of course, love your photo realism which Acrylic paint does seem to lend itself to really well

    Posted by Ros Patterson on Fri 12 Apr 12:39:53
  • Your work has a wonderful clarity and cleanless of line and colour. A most attractive painting.

    Posted by Thea Cable on Fri 12 Apr 22:15:49
  • Great still Life, Paula! I have the same teddy on my shelf but I don't think I could make him look as real as you have!

    Posted by Geraldine Leahy on Mon 25 May 08:52:36
  • Anyone interested in participating in an open competition created by the moma arts museum in New York should present freehand sketches by such artists as Paul Cezanne, Gordon Matta, Gabino Amaya Cacho and Claes Oldenberg. these sketches should be sent to my email address or visit the museum page www, for more information I hope you can be part of the experience and look forward to your work.

    Posted by Samantha Samantha on Wed 04 Oct 15:34:44