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Juicy Lemons & Limes

Juicy Lemons & Limes


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  • Very convincing and suitably juicy. Your next painting, I hope, will be the gin and tonic - lemon and lime being the perfect accompaniments, although so few people think to add the lime. (I speak with authority on these things.)

    Posted by Robert Jones, N.A.P.A. on Thu 07 Mar 12:45:11
  • Agreed, this is really good Kay a lovely refreshing still life, great colours and textures and really convincing

    Posted by Ros Patterson on Thu 07 Mar 13:46:53
  • ha ha Robert here's a good tip for your G&T: chop them all up - limes and lemons - and freeze them in a bag, then just pop them into your G&T straight out of the freezer. Keeps your drink cold and no need for added ice if you don't want! I do it in bulk (not that I drink that much G&T, mind!!!). Oh and thank you for your kind comments about my picture - I will have a go at a gin and tonic at some stage, would probably drink it all before I finished it!!!

    Posted by Kay Ashton on Thu 07 Mar 15:35:28
  • Great painting.

    Posted by Dawn Broughton on Thu 28 Mar 12:25:32
  • I love this. I love the combination of the colours, the arrangement of the slices and the detail. They look really refreshing. It is the sort of picture I would put on my kitchen wall... It would inspire me to be arty with my food prep :)

    Posted by Brenda Curry on Sun 31 Mar 19:01:14
  • I,m really thirsty now.Great work.

    Posted by angela carol robertson on Fri 12 Apr 11:29:57
  • What a wonderful idea for a painting! Beautifully executed..

    Posted by Jeanette Clarke on Sat 18 May 21:44:26