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Water Lettuce II

Water Lettuce II


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  • This is a beautiful pastel painting. I love the reflection of the tree which leads the eye around the painting and the crisp cool colours with the warm touches of red.

    Posted by FM McAdam on Tue 29 Jan 06:13:56
  • Lovely work Kathleen, love everything about it, it's so pleasing to the eye, the balance is perfect.

    Posted by Peter Nelson on Tue 29 Jan 07:00:12
  • I agree lovely smooth technique here from your pastels Kathleen what type did you use, oil sticks or the soft pastel sticks and pencils? You have achieved a great look to the water as well, and the colours are lovely and bright

    Posted by Ros Patterson on Tue 29 Jan 09:07:09
  • Stunning. I love this one.

    Posted by Gudrun Ståhl Sharpley on Tue 29 Jan 18:31:48
  • Thank you all for your kind comments! To answer your question, Ros, I used a combination of soft pastels (Rembrandt and Sennelier) and Nupastel hard sticks. I first laid down a Watercolor underpainting and then finished it in pastel. So much fun!

    Posted by Kathleen Wolfe on Tue 29 Jan 18:52:25
  • Really good, I like the composition very much.

    Posted by Carole Swingler on Wed 30 Jan 11:29:54