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Fishing net and chain.

Fishing net and chain.


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  • My goodness, I can't imagine how difficult this was! But, a brilliant job once again. Beautiful colours and I love the rusty chain, and the net, and the rope .......! It's great!

    Posted by Julia Benning on Mon 10 Jan 13:36:09
  • Lovely Avril. You have an uncanny knack of making decay seem appealing. I wonder if I can adapt your technique to the morning mirror shave...

    Posted by Kim Sommerschield on Mon 10 Jan 14:09:25
  • Beautiful colour and subject as always and beautifully painted, and I wish I had tasted those langoustines :)

    Posted by Lesley Dabson on Mon 10 Jan 14:15:48
  • Intricate, detailed and very well painted. Great colours! Well done.

    Posted by Stephen Michael Law on Mon 10 Jan 14:17:50
  • This must have been so complicated to paint, but what a super painting it is so well worth the effort.

    Posted by Val Kenyon on Mon 10 Jan 15:23:25
  • Lovely Avril. The colours are great. Sorry I've not been in touch. Had a really bad car accident. Been in hospital in Cardiff. Car a right off (me also nearly). Contact E-mail and I will tell you all about it. Jx

    Posted by Jean Lacey on Mon 10 Jan 15:35:36
  • Thanks for your approval...... and leaving encouraging comments which I trully appreciate.

    Posted by Avril Soldani on Mon 10 Jan 15:36:18
  • You have such a talent at finding merit in what others would probably pass over. Wonderful colours and you are the 'rust' queen! This makes such an attractive painting that I could see many people wanting to own it and have it on their wall.

    Posted by Thea Cable on Mon 10 Jan 16:25:58
  • Thanks Thea, your comment really made me laugh - " la reine de la rouille" in French ! It's lovely.

    Posted by Avril Soldani on Mon 10 Jan 16:45:56
  • Avril you and Lesley on the same page as i said to her masters of your art!!!!!:)Linda

    Posted by Linda Easter on Mon 10 Jan 17:25:30