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  • This is brilliant Avril, marvellous composition and great colours, so well painted

    Posted by Petra Palmeri on Thu 16 Jun 16:56:01
  • beautifuly painted, lovely detail and colours.

    Posted by Anne Pitts on Thu 16 Jun 17:26:16
  • Unusual subject, billiantly painted. Jealous! :)

    Posted by Amanda Chatfield on Thu 16 Jun 17:29:58
  • Just soooooooooooo well painted I like that your shadows are see through so often artists paint them too dark. How long have you been painting? you seem so good at your art.:)Linda

    Posted by Linda Easter on Thu 16 Jun 17:58:10
  • fabulous watercolour. It's so interesting how you take an object that most people would pass by and not notice and you produce such good paintings. I've started noticing such objects now and think of your work ! Well done, super painting!

    Posted by Louise Naimian on Thu 16 Jun 18:08:14
  • whoooauhouu! Super Avril!!

    Posted by Alain Chevrignac on Thu 16 Jun 18:51:49
  • Wonderful painting Avril, you have a very artistic eye to spot this.

    Posted by Carole Swingler on Thu 16 Jun 19:11:10
  • hi this is so different but very good a lovley piece of art work from paula

    Posted by paula bettam on Thu 16 Jun 19:16:13
  • I'm soooo pleased that you like this rather strange subject; thanks for your lovely comments. Linda I've been painting on and off for twelve years but really regularly for two.....since I discovered POL ! The feedback and looking at other people's work every day have helped immensly.

    Posted by Avril Soldani on Thu 16 Jun 19:26:44
  • yes - brilliant. Unusual, but there's nothing wrongh with that! I could see a market for this sort of image. Macho types that perhaps wouldn't look twice at art wouldn't turn their nose up at this. Perhaps you should try selling it to caterpiller, here in sunny (?) Leicestershire! But all that aside - an astounding & observative work.

    Posted by tony challis on Thu 16 Jun 19:39:12