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  • A beautiful, intricate painting, Margaret and thank you so much for telling the story - so interesting.

    Posted by Jane Adams on Mon 16 Apr 17:24:39
  • enchanting, wonderful like the colors of spring. great story.

    Posted by Pete Crowbaby on Tue 17 Apr 01:48:50
  • Interesting story, beautiful painting.

    Posted by Carole Swingler on Tue 17 Apr 10:34:41
  • What a lot of work, well done.

    Posted by Sue Petty on Wed 18 Apr 11:23:40
  • What a beautiful painting Margaret! The face is very good and all those tiny flowers so well painted. I like the owl and the composition too!

    Posted by Satu Vartiainen on Sat 09 Jun 18:01:40
  • The legend of Blodeuwedd was used for the book "The Owl Service" by Alan Garner. It won the Carnegie Medal Award. It's very spooky! "The Owl Service" was also made into a television series by Granada in the nineteen seventies. You can still get it on DVD from Amazon.

    Posted by Margaret Ellis on Sat 09 Jun 22:32:11
  • Great picture - Nasty bit of work though that Blodeuwedd

    Posted by Angus Ballantine on Fri 21 Jun 22:25:46
  • You're a bit hard on her, Angus. She was created adult with no chance of learning right from wrong or how to behave - no-one to teach her anything. And then she found she was just the property uf a man she didn't know and didn't care for. She was trapped in a life not of her making.

    Posted by Margaret Ellis on Fri 21 Jun 22:50:02