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An old shutter, Arles.

An old shutter, Arles.


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  • Another great piece Avril. I like your blues and the old metal is so well painted.

    Posted by Petra Palmeri on Sun 10 Apr 10:03:17
  • Super!! Avril you are the queen of the rust and manganese

    Posted by Alain Chevrignac on Sun 10 Apr 10:55:59
  • so well observed

    Posted by Lynda Dearden on Sun 10 Apr 11:35:00
  • An utterly beautiful shade of blue. Your work is always such a treat to look at.

    Posted by Lesley Dabson on Sun 10 Apr 11:54:14
  • Not at all, Avril - the bits and pieces make this painting interesting and lovely. As Lesley says, the shade of blue is lovely, and the peeling paint and rust, so well rendered, define your inimitable style!

    Posted by Seok Yam Chew on Sun 10 Apr 13:24:18
  • Thanks for your lovely comments which as you know I appreciate immensly. Criticism when you see things that aren't right is welcome too!

    Posted by Avril Soldani on Sun 10 Apr 14:06:02
  • Love the blue tone, beautifully done.. Avil, everything in this painting is not only right, it is great....

    Posted by Yu Ping Eddy on Sun 10 Apr 15:27:56
  • So glad you posted this, Avril, as I was getting withdrawal symptoms from not seeing one of your wonderful rust and peeling paint paintings for a while! The blue is this painting is absolutely delicious (what is it?) That sort of icy blue and rust colour are such a foil for each other that they delight the eye. Beautifully observed snapshot of life.

    Posted by Thea Cable on Sun 10 Apr 16:45:46
  • So glad you all like the blue. There are three or four glazes each one a bit different! Started off with Cobalt and a touch of Manganese, then cobalt with some permanent mauve and if I remember rightly ! Delft blue with a touch of perm mauve ! All were very watery washes so it needed several..... safer to work the colour up gradually.

    Posted by Avril Soldani on Sun 10 Apr 17:28:30
  • Wonderfully painted as always, I want to start picking at that peeling paintwork.

    Posted by Val Kenyon on Sun 10 Apr 17:52:29