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Discuss art with other artists in the Painters-Online forum.

Separated into various art media and other general art topics, there is a place on the forum to ask questions, offer advice, pass on art news, review art DVDs and books, buy and sell art products and more!

Everyone on the forum has a love of art and there is always someone willing to answer questions, offer advice and join in with lively discussions on all things art. You can also post your views about the subject of the monthly polls and see the results as they come in.

The forum requires a separate registration/login to the rest of the site. You must be registered and logged in to the forum page to make a posting – see the box in the top, central panel of this page only to join the discussions.

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 Code of Conduct and User Guidelines
Forum User Guide
Important messages from the forum staff - please read these before posting!
5 15  Forums FAQ
2008-11-12 3:22 PM
 Media forums
Talk with other users about all aspects of watercolour
336 4811  RE: The light, the light.
19 October 7:34 AM
Chat with other users about all aspects of acrylics
161 1953  RE: Signing your work
30 October 10:44 PM
Talk with other users about all aspects of drawing
80 1211  RE: drawings
30 October 10:57 PM
Chat with other users about all aspects of oil painting
183 1853  RE: Keeping the paint fre...
31 October 7:30 PM
Chat with other users about all aspects of pastels
63 482  RE: Pennine Barn
24 October 6:29 AM
Mixed media
Chat with other users about using mixed media
27 308  RE: Absract art
24 September 10:41 PM
Other media
Are you using any other media in your work? Here's the place to talk about it with other users.
59 885  RE: I hate learning by my...
26 September 1:47 PM
Art book and DVD reviews
Read any good art books lately? Or watched a really helpful DVD? Let other users know what you thought here.
33 160  RE: Abstract art book
28 September 11:30 PM
 General discussion
General art discussion
Open chat about all aspects and issues regarding art
834 12378  RE: Shaking hands
31 October 10:10 PM
Art Materials
Your news and views on art materials
133 1458  RE: QoR Watercolours (fro...
31 October 8:39 PM
Exhibitions, competitions & your work
Here's the place to share your exhibition experiences, news on open competitions and where to find your work on the site
690 3817  Commission for Business C...
31 October 6:04 AM
Artistic Inspiration
Chat about style, inspiration, what makes you paint, and other artists
101 1414  RE: Artist Zhou Tianya
30 October 10:46 AM
Art Tuition
Share your experiences on any courses, holidays and workshops
91 689  RE: Painting Holidays Dev...
27 October 7:16 AM
Comment and chat among yourselves about Painters-Online
212 2477  RE: Introduce Yourself
31 October 8:29 PM
Buy, Sell & Wanted
The easiest place for you to let each other know if you have any unwanted second-hand art products
135 594  RE: Frank herring seat ea...
20 September 11:17 AM
Question & Answers
Looking for help and advice from other forum users? Here is the place to ask your questions!
187 1733  RE: Uploading to gallery
28 October 9:15 PM
Front Page Polls 84 1036  RE: Who, or what, has enc...
11 October 5:57 PM

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