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By DavidG4YVM - 2 Months Ago
it just gets worse...
Pretentious twaddle. 
By Dixie - 2 Months Ago
Maybe its a code we must crack?. I share your frustration David.
By SylviaEvans - 2 Months Ago
Yup pretentious twaddle.
By TonyAuffret - 2 Months Ago
The artist concerned has claimed in one of his descriptions 'iqut.jushp_18x19cm_23–9-18 - The titles of my drawings are created via a ‘random letter choice process’ of my design, to create ‘pseudo-word combinations’, so as not to influence the viewer’s first impression/ interpretation with a logical word title.'  Since I always look at the image first and then the title, this is wasted on me.  It would, however seem he hasn't succeeded in making a disconnection between the two as in many cases I have found both the title and the image confusing. I am not doing down abstract art, it's just that I find some of it difficult to understand or appreciate.
By DavidG4YVM - 2 Months Ago
Maybe the artist does too...😅
By Dixie - 2 Months Ago
One way to get your 15 minutes of fame, call your painting some random letters and numbers, and a lot of people look to see what the fuss is about. I'm sorry for being so blunt, but for me I will just ignore such labled paintings and bother with the folk who can be bothered to name there art. The painting may be done well for all I know but I cannot be bothered with pretentious twaddle and trying to crack a code. Choice was to write this post or ignore it all together, I felt the need to say something. A response from the artists would be nice to have or would that be random generated too.
By MichaelEdwards - 2 Months Ago
There is a possible reasonable explanation - could it be the Artist was random generated to start with ! 
By DavidG4YVM - 2 Months Ago
That's an intriguing thought. Not a human artist but a bot. Artificial intelligence... Pretentious intelligence.