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Leisure Painter and PaintersOnline Anniversary Competitions. October - Paint your favourite shoes

  • Angie Michal-52667

    Angie Michal


  • Maggie Storer-52624

    Maggie Storer

    Pink Shoes

  • Zoe Norman-52516

    Zoe Norman

    Ballet Shoes and Pearls

  • Martin Whatley-52473

    Martin Whatley

    Old Shoes

  • Anita Lawton-52464

    Anita Lawton

    Comfort above all else!

  • Pippa Lucas-52110

    Pippa Lucas

    Party shoes

  • Patricia Cerrone-51288

    Patricia Cerrone

    Well-earned Rest

  • Fiona Phipps-50760

    Fiona Phipps

    Auld Bauchle's (old worn boots)

  • Rita Fair-50410

    Rita Fair

    They take me places

  • Debbie Cullis-50394

    Debbie Cullis

    Van Gogh's Boots