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The most important for me is my family, with my son at the very top of that list. All of this what I am doing, I am doing for him and thanks to him (he is my energy shot). I always wanted to be able to express myself through art, but I couldn't devote myself only to this. For a long time other things were more important. In some way, I felt satisfied but not entirely happy. Now the whole commotion calmed down a little bit, even though not everything is perfect (well - probably never will be), however I would like to try myself in this field. I was born in Gdansk ( Poland, 1981 ). My adventure with art began in the early school years, where under the watchful eye of a recognized artist and teacher, I developed my skills. In the years 2000-2002, I participated in the exhibition of Young Artists Works and in two other collective exhibitions. In 2002, I graduated from post-secondary Architecture School ( Gdansk ) and completed a course of interior design. My achievements include the 1st award in a international competition for the design of the Logo for the Art Gallery in Druskienniki, Lithuania in 2002, where I also participated in the ( Rainbow Bridge ) exhibition. I graduated from the State Vocational University specializing in Works of Art Conservation and Restoration ( Nysa, Poland ). I obtained my B.A. diploma in 2007. Then I lived in England, where after a long break I tries to 'appearance in the deep art market :) Currently, most of my works are drawings and illustrations, however I'm not avoid the various techniques, styles and challenges. I likes to experiment with different media, base and textures. The main theme of my works are animals and nature. I love to spend time away from home (preferably in the privacy away from the cities - not always realizable) and watch the world from this better perspective.

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