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Artistically, what would you most like to acheive in 2015?

 Taking part in an exhibition
 Entering a painting competition
 Visiting more exhibitions
 Exploring a new medium or subject
 Receiving painting or drawing tuition
 Other (please tell us in the forum)

Digital content from The Artists' Publishing Company's Long History


Click here to read and download the first four parts of a seventeen-part series written by a variety of artists in 1998 and 99 for Leisure Painter called Explore. This month Peter Folkes shows how to choose your horizon line, Linda Birch explains how to create the impression of movement in your painting, Ray Campbell-Smith on how to plan effective focal points and Stanford Gibbons explains dry-brush techniques.

Fields and Hogweed, near Winchester, watercolour, (15x22") by Peter Folkes


Nick Schlee explains the process of creating an oil painting starting with coloured sketches in a four-part series written from The Artist in 1991 - click here to read and download

Coloured Sketch for House in the Landscape, (29x40cm)

Handling the movement of water and coastal scenes with Ray Campbell-Smith taken from Leisure Painter 1983

Flower Painting with Stanley Grimm - three articles from The Artist 1949

A Guide for Watercolourists written in 1977 by Cyril Deakins for Leisure Painter

A series of articles written by Norman Battershill for The Artist in 1977 and 1978 on sketching and painting outdoors

Click here to access and download 'Studies for a Theme' by James Horton taken from The Artist 1978 magazines

How to paint white and monochrome by Catherine Moody - click here to access and download a series of articles from Leisure Painter in 1978

A Series of Three Articles on 'Getting out of a Rut' written for Leisure Painter in 1983 by Alwyn Crawshaw - click to access and download

A Series of Three Articles written by Paul Wyeth R.B.A.. R.P. for The Artist in 1964 - click here to access and download

Click here to access and download the features on painting in Scotland and the Lake District by James Fletcher Watson

Click here to access the final articles on oil painting by Dorothea Sharpe

Click here for the first three articles in the oil painting series by Dorothea Sharpe

Learning to Paint with Diana Armfield - click here for a twelve-part series written for Leisure Painter in 1980

Click here for access to a twelve page online digital booklet containing all four of Edward Wesson's 1962 series, Watercolour Through the Seasons

Click here for access to a twelve page online digital booklet containing Edward Wesson's three-part series, Out and About, written for Leisure Painter in 1980

More bonus features

Nicole Porter shares her experiences of painting Bishop James of Liverpool, following the unveiling of her work at his Farewell Service held in Liverpool Cathedral in July 2013

Read exclusive Painters'Club hints and tips, bonus features and more ....

Click on the links below to read bonus content for Painters'Club members only

Additional images to accompany Mary Herbert's feature in the summer 2013 issue of The Artist

Ollie, 11x13” (27x32cm)

Click here to see more of Mary's paintings

Rosalind Jelbert Ingram provides additional photographic inspiration to accompany part one of her painting project which can be seen in the March 2013 issue of Leisure Painter

Masterworks - Randolph Schwabe, The Woman’s Land Army and German Prisoners

Paul Riley looks at encaustic tecniques and painting flowers in winter
Click here for top tips and more

Pat Harrison shares a step-by-step demonstration for making your own unique frames - click here to learn how

Click here for additional information from Hilary Page to accompany her article in the December 2012 issue of The Artist - learn all about painting the action portait; exclusively for Painters'Club members

Artistpapers.co.uk, distributors of Strathmore fine art papers, offer advice on choosing the best art papers for different media

Pastel painting techniques for painting river or canal water from Bob Elcock
Click here for bonus tips from Bob

Christine Pybus offers a further step-by-step demonstration for painting a sparkling seascape

click here to read this exclusive bonus feature

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