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Watercolour paints
Watercolour paints

New online series of practical features introducing watercolour for the beginner

Dawn Farley
Posted on 06 Jun 2012

Want to start watercolour painting?

Painters-Online has taken key information from various issues of Leisure Painter over recent years, and combined them to make a six part series covering all aspects of watercolour painting for the beginner and amateur watercolour painter.

Starting with the basics - What is watercolour? What is the difference between Artists' and Student quality watercolour paints? What do I need to buy to get started in watercolour painting? How much will watercolour paints and equipment cost? and how do I start a watercolour painting? - the series progresses throughout June and into July explaining the different watercolour brushes and watercolour papers, how to stretch watercolour paper, watercolour exercises for you to follow culminating with a step-by-step demonstration for you to paint your first watercolour landscape.

Click here for part one and, if you follow the whole series and paint your first watercolour landscape, send us your finished work for inclusion in a special gallery portfolio and receive helpful advice form other artists.

Part two June 13th.

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