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Hua Gallery opens Art for the Masses exhibition

Posted on 11 Jun 2012

Established in 2011, Hua Gallery represents and exhibits cutting edge, stimulating works by both established and emerging Chinese contemporary artists. The Art for the Masses exhibition features a collection of Art Toys presented as five individual figures and two further pieces: Jia Shan De Wuâ (or Urban Arcadiaâ) and ALIVE. Art Toys is a collaboration between internationally-recognised Chinese contemporary artist Yue Minjun and New York-based artist KAWS, along with Zhou Chunya, Zhou Tiehai, Liu Ye and Jin Nu. Art Toysaims to integrate art, design, and fashion in one unprecedented and engaging collection. Jia Shan De Wuâ (or Urban Arcadiaâ) is the combined work of Zhan Wang, a world-renowned Chinese sculptor, and the Dutch MVRDV team, which has long been exploring the ideal urban landscape suitable for all mankind. This piece fuses contemporary art and avant-garde architecture. ALIVE is an installation of dozens of figures portraying the different faces of a green dog – said to manifest both the restraint and the liberation of the libido in a display case that demonstrates fluid lines and contours. It is the joint creation of Zhou Chunya, a Chinese contemporary artist, and Jaime Hayon, a Spanish designer. This c0llaboration between art and architecture is said to reveal the maturity of both artists and force viewers to reflect upon artworks with a genuine and honest attitude.

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