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forest - Acrylic

An early experiment in rendering an effect of distant trees accurately. Painting the foreground trees was not a problem but I never knew how to doa good 'dense wood' background. I took a walk and took a few photos; on inspection the background of a wood seems to have four colour layers: a bottom layer, very very dark, a mid layer of mottled brown, an upper layer of green interspersed with blue and a top blue sky layer. I did a wash of these layers first before adding the rest of the picture.

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6 comments so far...


Seok Yam Chew

05 Nov 2010 02:03

Your observation has certainly paid off. It's a very effective and dramatic piece. Fabulous.


Yu Ping Eddy

05 Nov 2010 04:04

This is a very nice piece. The background forest is magical and the see-through nature increases the depth of the forest. Outstanding!


Sharon Lacy

05 Nov 2010 09:54

Lovely piece of work, fabulous detail


linda Easter

05 Nov 2010 17:19

I think it has a magical look too well done!!


Kirstie .

07 Nov 2010 09:11

This is brilliant , it looks so magical. :)


nick pounder

10 Nov 2010 00:41

Thanks for the kind comments. What surprised me was that at the time I was just leaving school and the art teacher commented on how symmetrical it was. I had no idea it was symmetrical! I've now come to realize that if I sketch an idea without thinking everything seems to be self-similar right to left, must be just the way my addled brain works, so I'm paranoid now about *not* making things too symmetrical! If I have to be honest, technically it is much much easier to shade dark objects beautifully than it is to do light objects. Everything I did at this time had strong shading, and I still struggle with light objects today, not least because with light colours, acrylic paint's property of drying a different colour to what it goes on seems to be far worse than with darker hues.

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