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Feed from painting in france

Rue de l'eglise, Le Pegue. - Watercolour

Painted on D/R Bockingford 26.5x35 cms. This street is the same scene as French Landscape but looking up the street towards the church. From a photo taken last May.

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Other images from the painting in france by Avril Soldani

12 comments so far...


Lesley Dabson

08 Feb 2010 08:53

Lovely palette, and such an uplifting painting for a rather cold grey day.


Bronia Kornas

08 Feb 2010 09:11

Delightful! How I long for sunshine....


Jeannette Harrison

08 Feb 2010 10:25

Beautiful light sunny washes. The gravel on the road is so well done - just enough flicking with the brush. I want to be there. Smashing.


Kim Sommerschield

08 Feb 2010 11:40

Quite captivating - oozes charm and atmoshpere.


avril soldani

08 Feb 2010 11:52

Many thanks for your appreciative comments which always help me foreward.


Diana Hudson

08 Feb 2010 13:46

Really nice; I love teh sunlight and warmth.


Val Kenyon

08 Feb 2010 15:14

Lovely light washes giving a real feeling of sun and shadow, wish I was there.


Robbin Hoodie

08 Feb 2010 15:27

A lovely sunny image Avril..This is one of those paintings that you feel you could just step into....Excellent..


Carole Swingler

09 Feb 2010 09:31

Gorgeous sunlight, beautiful painting Avril.


avril soldani

09 Feb 2010 14:42

Thanks for taking the time to comment ; these remarks make me feel I made the right decisions when hesitating over the colours to use! And I hesitate a lot, Avril.

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