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12 comments so far...


Lesley Dabson

15 Mar 2010 13:04

My word that was quick! This is absolutely lovely, so good after seeing the pencil drawing yesterday to see this lovely watercolour. Love your rusty bolt!


Rachel McNaughton

15 Mar 2010 13:49

This is really well done Avril. Love all the colours and textures


Brian Rylance

15 Mar 2010 14:16

Super image, technique and a great portfolio


avril soldani

15 Mar 2010 14:28

I'm so pleased you like my painting, thanks for the lovely comments.


Thea Cable

15 Mar 2010 21:33

You are so good at these ones with old wood and rusty fittings. Lovely subtle colours in the wood and so clever of you to pick out just a detail of the door amd make so much of it.


Diana Hudson

15 Mar 2010 21:59

Oh I thought you'd posted this twice but I see it's a different door. As with the previous one the wood and rust stains are so well done.


Jean Lacey

16 Mar 2010 00:45

A real success Avril. The colours looks lovely added to your original sketch. Jx


Kim Sommerschield

16 Mar 2010 11:39

Knock knock! The pinks and violets are perfect Avril. All the wood down my way tends to be chestnut, larch and pine which blackens rather than bleaches with age. Yours could have been flotsam for a while. Very tactile.


linda Easter

16 Mar 2010 15:17

Really lovely all your work is very good!!


Chito Gonzaga

17 Mar 2010 21:58

I almost missed this one. You did a great job, it really looks like it's old and worn. I remember seeing the sketch for this. Chi2

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