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Feed from painting in france

Hillside view of Le Pegue. - Watercolour

Watercolour on D/R Bockingford. 34x26cm. Should the shaded walls in the foreground be bluer ? Open to helpful comments.

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13 comments so far...


Lesley Dabson

01 Mar 2010 08:23

I do love rooftop scenes, and your touch here is so delicate. Lovely!


Jorja Johannesen

01 Mar 2010 09:09

This is lovely AVril, it looks so Fresh!!!! Well done


Kim Sommerschield

01 Mar 2010 10:01

If anything I'd cool down the background hills Avril. But that's nit-picking: it's remains a lovely intimate little watercolour. Thanks for your feedback on Disgrazia/Disglacia.


Thea Cable

01 Mar 2010 15:27

I belong to the school of doing shadows in local colour (i.e. the colour of the building, but just shade darker as appropriate). Occasionally, shadows need to have a blue tone, but on these buildings I feel that would be a little out of step with the warm tones of walls. Have you thought of just using a darker colour of the walls, with a touch of blue dropped in. However, I am not so experienced in these matters, so probably others are better to advise.



01 Mar 2010 16:22

This is so lovely...have just wandered through your beautiful gallery, and I am full of admiration.


avril soldani

01 Mar 2010 17:02

Many thanks for making suchlovely and helpful comments.


Ruth Dolan

01 Mar 2010 18:28

Avril, this is a very nice, sensitive piece of work exactly as it is.. As blue tends to recede, I would leave the lovely warm pink shadows in the foreground. You have achieved a lovely depth here...I think your painting is delightful.


Julia Benning

01 Mar 2010 20:54

This is beautiful Avril and I agree with Ruth, it looks just great as it is. Maybe Thea is right and just a little touch of blue in the foreground shadows would bring the whole painting together, but I am no expert.


Carole Swingler

02 Mar 2010 09:55

A really lovely little painting as it is I think. A good perspective and I like the vignette style.


Jeannette Harrison

02 Mar 2010 10:49

This is smashing Avril - your lovely light touch again. Just off to try my hand at a watercolour - cannot seem to get motivated lately.

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