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Feed from painting in france

Detail - Door Knocker 2 - Watercolour

A 16x16cms detail of pencil drawing. Done on Dalbe rag paper - Satine - 300gms. Awful to use as some of you are already aware! Saw my work in 'better light'! this morning and decided to carry on. For better or for worse?

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15 comments so far...


Seok Yam Chew

04 Aug 2010 15:00

This is just gorgeous! I love the colors! Thank you very much for your comments on my painting.


Hazel Tucker

04 Aug 2010 15:52

Absolutely beautiful! You can really feel the grain of the wood. Amazing how you can make a door knocker seem so alive and interesting.


Val Kenyon

04 Aug 2010 16:49

Your control over watercolour is enviable and if you had trouble with the paper it certainly doesn't show. A lovely addition to your gallery. Many thanks for your tips on my recent posting, very much appreciated.


Ruthy flet

04 Aug 2010 16:58

wow agree this is beautiful, love the texture of the wood your gallery is amazing


Julia Benning

04 Aug 2010 17:54

Could this be any better? It's absolutely gorgeous! Beautiful colours!


avril soldani

04 Aug 2010 18:20

Thanks for these lovely comments; makes me feel I didn't battle on for nothing!


Diana Hudson

05 Aug 2010 01:50

I knew without even seeing your name! I think your best yet. That wood is absolutely amazing. The grain is really three dimensional.


Helen Evans

05 Aug 2010 13:43

I like this a lot! The different textures/finishes are beautifully expressed. Well done


Lorraine Paris

05 Aug 2010 15:10

This is really lovely.


Lesley Dabson

05 Aug 2010 16:29

Better and better! Marvellous work

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