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Summer Landscapes in Watercolour
Summer Landscapes in Watercolour

Paint Summer Landscapes with David Bellamy


Theodora Philcox - Posted on 12 Sep 2010

Summer Landscapes in Watercolour

Many readers will know the work of intrepid artist, David Bellamy, whose work often features anything cold, wet and wild! His seventh film for APV, Summer Landscapes in Watercolour, is, however, the complete opposite, focusing on gentle sunny views, filled with the atmosphere of warm days out in the British countryside. Starting in his studio, David provides advice on mixing greens and demonstrates two methods of creating trees that he later uses on location. His first painting is of buildings down a country road in full sunlight. He advises against using too many different greens as this can be overwhelming. He also demonstrates his practice of making small pencil sketches alongside his paintings, to provide detailed reference should he decide to work up the composition in the future.
Complex tangled hedgerows are commonplace within a landscape, and difficult to paint. Although they contain a wonderful range of species of plants, David shows how to sketch a generalised sense of massed foliage using a water-soluble graphite pencil. He then works into it with a brush pen, with sporadic definition added with the pencil. Worcester Beacon offers a wide vista for David’s second painting demonstration. He explains how to manage the colour temperature of the greens to create depth; from the cool blue-grey of the distant trees on the hills, to the warmer ones in the foreground. The sheep, previously reserved white shapes, come to life as he adds legs with a rigger, and shadows underneath to reinforce the sunshine. Hints of texture are added on the field.
In the next section, David makes a pencil study of an iron gatepost but then returns to paint, with a view of the Upper Wye at Boughrood, featuring rocks, reflections, and a range of trees receding into the distance.
The film ends back in David’s studio, where he returns to his painting of the Malvern Hills to liven up the colours and make it more summery. Finally, he uses his various sketches of the gatepost, field, and hedgerow to create a watercolour composition. Viewers will gain an excellent understanding of Bellamy’s technique, and appreciate the pleasures of painting on location during the summer months.

(Theodora Philcox)

Summer Landscapes in Watercolour by David Bellamy.
APV Films, 90 minutes, £27.95 (including p&p).
Order reference: APV DB7 DVD, telephone: 01608 641798, or online at www.apvfilms.com
Painters’books price £27.95 (order code: 201467) click here for details

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