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moving in

19 Sep 2008 17:08

Im an artist soon to be based in a shed in stevenage. What i mean by soon. Is that i have just moved in and my shed/studio is full of our boxes and things we are not ready for the house yet. Maybe this weekend that can finally be sorted or sneeked into my partners man shed so i can start on my studio...

Posted by sydonia

ha ha ha

16 Sep 2008 15:11

Ah here we go!

why is it that i always come to a creative block when i really need some ideas. I'm Really struggling with creative ideas at the moment. Maybe im trying too hard or maybe i just have to let go!?! Proberly need a holiday.

Posted by sydonia


16 Sep 2008 15:01

not quite getting the hang of this blogging lark!

Posted by sydonia

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