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Feed from about me and my family

Gallery Comments

03 Feb 2012 22:53

I would like to thank Lesley Dabson and Mia Ketels for their very kind comments about my painting 'Sparrows on a Fence'. The inspiration for the painting came from a sketch of a piece of fencing at Earnley Concourse when I was on a course there in 2010 and as I have many sparrows visiting my garden I had plenty of reference photos to choose from. I had great pleasure in painting this particular picture and I am so happy that others have enjoyed seeing it. Thanks again. from Shirley Plummer

Posted by shirley plummer

Painting Courses etc

29 Jan 2012 17:03
Updated 29 Jan 2012 17:12

I am still searching for a suitable painting course/holiday for this year but have had no luck. I sent for a brochure online for a course in Essex which turned out to be weekends only but I was inundated with brochures from all over the country. The best courses for me are at Higham Hall in Cumbria but it is too far for me to drive from Kent. Sadly, I doubt if I will get away this year but I will keep on looking.
I have been slow to get back into painting after Christmas but I am at last doing a few hours a week and enjoying it very much. Watercolours at my Art Group and acrylics at home. Can't wait for the light to improve as we have had so many dark days here in Kent.
Here in Margate we have a new exhibition about to open at the Turner Contemporary gallery with over eighty Turner paintings and drawings on show. I can't wait to see the exhibition as I'm a big fan of Turners work and I will blog my thoughts on it when I've been. Bye for now. from Artwoman2

Posted by shirley plummer

Earnley Closure Blog2

22 Dec 2011 18:10

I am a little disapointed that only one other blogger replied to my previous blog about the wonderful Earnley Concourse closure as I felt sure many other painters would have been there and enjoyed the place as much as I did. I am still searching for a place to go to in 2012 and hoping that something will turn up.
Things are very busy at present with Christmas so close and I am not painting at present but come January I will be back at my easel and working on my 'resting' seascape.
Happy Christmas everyone and good painting in 2012

Posted by shirley plummer

Earnley Concourse Closure

30 Nov 2011 15:17
Updated 30 Nov 2011 15:23

I have just read online of the closure of Earnley Concourse near Chichester. I attended five painting courses at Earnley over the past few years and was eagerly awaiting my brochure for next year and am devastated that yet another wonderful painting venue is closing.
I started going on painting courses/holidays back in the 1980's with Galleon then Artscape, both of which folded. Next I found The Old Rectory at Fittleworth, West Sussex and Wansfel College in Epping Forrest. They too closed down and I discovered Earnley, gradually having to drive further from my home in Margate but it was worth it because Earnley has been a superb venue over the years. Tutors, accommodation and food were excellent and the lovely gardens a pleasure to spend time in while painting or just relaxing with an evening drink before dinner.
I am at a loss now as most of the courses are either too far away or too costly for me. Earnley was about £470.00 for a five night stay which is just about all I could afford.
I did stay at Flatford Mill with the Field Studies Council once and the course was very good but they don't have ensuite accommodation which I prefer at my age (71).
If there are any bloggers out there who could advise me about another painting course/holiday venue in South East England I would be most grateful. Also, it would be good to share memories of Earnley or any of the other places which have been so enjoyable to me sinse 1982 when I first left my husband at home to fend for himself while I had some 'me time' from Artwoman2

Posted by shirley plummer

Laptop verses Painting

30 Sep 2011 11:21
Updated 04 Oct 2011 11:38

I purchased my laptop in the January sales this year and I must say I find painting a whole lot easier than computing. I lose files and have to bring in the 'other half'' to sort me out. I havn't learned how to post my paintings on the gallery yet or given other members the doubtful pleasure of seeing a photo of me. Hopefully things will improve before too long and I will be able to join in properly as I really love Painters online.
I am now planning an acrylic painting of a friends yacht which is based in Maryland, USA. I have a number of photograghs for guidance but this is going to be quite a challenge so wish me luck!. Artwoman2

Posted by shirley plummer

About about me and my family


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