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Feed from about me and my family

Earnley Closure Blog2

22 Dec 2011 18:10

I am a little disapointed that only one other blogger replied to my previous blog about the wonderful Earnley Concourse closure as I felt sure many other painters would have been there and enjoyed the place as much as I did. I am still searching for a place to go to in 2012 and hoping that something will turn up.
Things are very busy at present with Christmas so close and I am not painting at present but come January I will be back at my easel and working on my 'resting' seascape.
Happy Christmas everyone and good painting in 2012

Posted by shirley plummer

About about me and my family


Author: shirley plummer


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Roy Rogers

22 Dec 2011 21:10

Yes, it is disappointing, and had no idea that a closure had been planned. I have not attended an art course there, but have been to management sessions. The site is pleasant, and the quality oif teaching superb. RIP Earnley.

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